Pre-Course Ticket (“Vorkursticket”)

The pre-course ticket for first-year students

If you are a new student at the TU and attend a pre-course before the start of the semester (October 1. and April 1.), you can purchase a VRR-wide pre-course ticket (“Vorkursticket”). The ticket costs (as of August 2022) 62,15€ for one month.


The ticket is only valid in the VRR area, i.e. not in the AVV (around Aachen), VRS (around Cologne) and WestfalenTarif (Münsterland, OWL, Sauerland, …). You can find more information about the VRR-Vorkursticket here: (Only in German)

If you don’t live in the VRR, you can find out from your public transport authority whether it is possible for you to purchase an AzubiTicket or similar as a pre-course visitor. This varies from transport association to transport association. If you need proof of this, you can have it stamped in our office.

The VRR area (as of August 2022)

How to get your pre-course ticket

You will receive the authorization to purchase the pre-course-ticket (“Vorkursticket”) from us upon presentation of proof of eligibility. You can either come to our office (Emil-Figge-Str. 50) during opening hours or you can send us an email with your address and proof of eligibility to

With the authorization slip (stamped and signed by us) you can buy the ticket at the public transport companies in the VRR, in Dortmund for example at both customer centers of the Dortmunder Stadtwerke AG (DSW21).

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