HOW TO: 49-Euro-Ticket for students

Disclaimer: We are not satisfied with the solution for students, which is why we are currently working on a more student-friendly alternative. If you still want to buy the ticket now, we recommend the following:

IMPORTANT: Do not buy the normal 49-euro ticket, but the upgrade for students. As a result, your semester ticket will be upgraded to a Germany ticket every month for a surcharge of 12.33 euros.
Therefore use the VRR App.

How do I get the Deutschlandticket update?

Students with a semester ticket can buy a Germany ticket upgrade.
It currently costs €12.33 per month.
The upgrade ticket is always valid for one calendar month, regardless of which day of the month you buy the ticket.
There are two different ways to get the ticket: as a subscription model or as a single ticket.
You can buy the subscription ticket in the VRR app, the Dotick app and the Mobil.NRW app. The ticket will be automatically extended if you do not cancel it by the 10th of the month.
This also means that you have to buy the ticket for at least 2 months if you buy it after the 10th of the month. However, there are no termination fees.
This option makes sense if you already know that you want to book the ticket for several months.
You can purchase a single ticket via the Deutsche Bahn Online Ticket Shop NRW (here).
The single ticket is also valid for the current calendar month. Termination is not necessary. You can also purchase tickets for a future month.
This option makes sense if you only want to buy the ticket for a single calendar month.