Matrix communication platform

What is Matrix?

We use the computer science student council’s Matrix server, which is located on campus and connected to the university network. Matrix is a secure chat protocol with encryption that provides independent communication, including with all other Matrix servers.

With the clients you can write messages to each other and record voice messages or make (video) phone calls. The whole thing is great for your small study groups, for the discussion in module groups, but also for your friends, gaming groups and the like.

How do I use the chat?

Step 1: Create an account at

At you can simply register with your university email address ( etc.).

Step 2: Install and set up the app

With the messenger Element you can use Matrix, here is explained how to set up Element.


  1. Download and run the desktop app Element Desktop or open the web app In your browser.
  2. Set your home server to “” (this is already set correctly when you use the web app).
  3. Then log in with your account.


  1. Download Element for Android or iOS.
  2. Set the right server
    1. Click this link
    2. Or manually: launch the app, select “Custom server options” and set your home server to “”.
  3. Then log in with your account.

Step 3: Enter chats

You are ready to chat!

  • Join our open AStA-Space!
  • Search the room directory for interesting rooms. The room directory is hidden behind the compass icon next to the search box in the top left of Element.
  • Ask someone to invite you to a room.

Chat rules

Please follow the code of conduct of the AStA.


If you have questions about Matrix, you can contact the culture department in Matrix itself or by mail. See Referent*innen.

Further instructions

The TU Dresden runs its own Matrix server and has written a further manual which also contains answers to frequently asked questions. It can be found at

Privacy policy

The privacy policy of the server can be found here.