Fresher’s Week 2022 – Our Events

Welcome to TU Dortmund University all beginner student! We’re happy to meet you all.

We are the AStA, which is short for Allgemeiner Studierendenausschuss, aka we’re the executive branch of your student government. 

For your fresher’s week, we also wanted to offer you some informative and fun events, as well as possibilities of support. All of them should easily fit around whatever your Fachschaften have planned for you. 

In generell and outside of fresher’s week, we’re your go-to people for all questions or problems concerning your studies or life as a student (on campus and off it). But we’ll give you more information on that later! 



Directly in front of the Emil-Figge-Str. 50 building, you can find our help desk. Marquees and flags bearing our logo as well as the moniker „Erst-Hilfe-Station“ should make us unmissable. 

Come talk to us about any and all questions or concerns you have during fresher’s week. Got turned around on Campus and don’t know where you need to head to next? Overwhelmed by all the people and new impressions? Come to us! 

We want to get to know you all and if you stay for a while, we have some snazzy beach chairs and free drinks for you all. 

IMPORTANT: Our help desk is, as much as possible, accessible for people with disabilities. If you want or need information on studying with disabilities, you can talk to our lovely colleagues from ABeR (Autonomous Organization for Students with Disabilities) who are also at the help desk. 


Confused and lost on campus? Somewhere in Dortmund and no idea how to get home after you lost your pub crawl group? It’s the middle of the night and you feel scared/unwell? Something terrible happened and now you have no idea who to contact and what to do? 

We offer a 24/7 awareness phone during fresher’s week for all students who need support, someone to listen to or help finding the right official contact for whichever troubles have come their way. 

You can reach us starting Tuesday, October 4th, 10AM under this number:

0049 – 114 34 83

If you save the number, you can also reach us via:

  • WhatsApp
  • Telegram
  • Signal

Of course you can always additionally contact us via Email for general questions or concerns under:

IMPORTANT: We’re NOT a professional counceling service! This is an offer from students for students. Never forget that, in case of emergency, call 112 or 110. If you need emotional support after while waiting for the ambulances to arrive, we’re happy to talk to you! 


*only in German* Want to explore your new campus and have the chance to win some snazzy prices? Then come by the fresher’s help desk and sign up for our campus rallye! 

IMPORTANT: We will also make a digital version of the rally available of you prefer to use that or need it to have the questions read out for you. 


Sustainable living and still some cool new stuff? That’s our sharing event! You can come by with one backpack max filled with clothes or home goods you have no use for anymore, but that are still perfectly fine to use. You can lay them out on our sharing tables and then browse through all the other goods people have put out. Find something you need or want? Pick it up for free! 

IMPORTANT: accessible for disabled people. Either the tables will be outside, if the weather is good, or inside the AStA, which is barrier free. 


*in German* You’ve always wanted to know how to navigate the campus without barriers? In the mood for a beer, a tea or whatever tickles your fancy while meeting new people? Then just come along! We’ll show you all the must-know areas of the north campus and also how to navigate them on wheels, with a stroller or if you ever break a leg. 

IMPORTANT: barrier free and open to ALL TU students. New, old, long, short, green or pink 😉


*in German* Learn more about the online presences of the AStA, StuPa and the TU while having the chance to win a prize? We got you! Dust off your Sherlock hats and off you go. All information about the rally will be on the website of the AStA ( from Sunday night. 


It’s Friday, Fresher’s week is drawing to a close and you have nowhere to go? Feel free to hang out with us. We’ll have some beers (as always) and if the group is in the mood, why not head into town to check out the bars and pubs of Dortmund?