University Policy

How can I take part?


In the following, we would like to inform you about the many ways in which you can get involved in university politics at the TU Dortmund. Help us make the university even more fair and attractive, and share your ideas and visions of good studies.

Student Council Boards

A student council consists of all students studying a particular subject. There are regular student council meetings where you can be elected to the student council board. As a member of the student council board, you will meet many new people, mediate between lecturers and students, provide advice to other students in consultation hours and organize events such as the orientation week (the O-Woche), among other things. You campaign for better study conditions and can also network with student representatives at other universities. The other members of the student council board members can give you “insider” tips for your further studies and you have the chance to receive BAföG (a German student grant/loan) for a longer period.

Student Parliament

The student parliament (StuPa for short) is the federal parliament of the university. Here it is decided what the money that all students pay with their semester fees is used for and statutes – such as those of the student body, the election regulations, the contribution regulations or other guidelines – are changed. But be careful: heated discussions can occur at StuPa meetings. The StuPa also elects the AStA. The members of the StuPa are elected once a year. If you want to participate in the StuPa, you must be a member of a list. If none of the existing lists suits your ideas, you can also found your own list.

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Autonomous Units

Autonomous units are, in contrast to the other units of the AStA, independent and stand up for the interests of certain marginalized groups. For example, you can advise other students or carry out actions for more awareness and thus stand up for the interests of your fellow students.

Working Group Higher Education Policy

Do you want to bring about even more change? Are you passionate about university politics? Then feel free to join the working group for university political engagement. Together, we aim to increase interest and knowledge about the university political processes at TU Dortmund. Through various initiatives, we wish to draw attention to the topic of university politics.

Please feel free to contact us via email: