Case of Hardship Balance

Filing the application now online only, via the submission portal.

Printed by appointment only between 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. at the AStA office.

ATTENTION: Do not pay the semester fee until your application has been either accepted or denied.

Please read this text before filling out the application!

If you cannot afford the semester ticket and the student body dues whatsoever, then…

… the hardship application might help. Students facing financial hardship may be exempt from paying these fees. These hardship applications can be filed out online on the general students’ committees (AStA TU Dortmund) homepage. This means that if you face existential financial problems due to the fees for the semester ticket and the student body dues, you can apply for a hardship compensation for summer semester 2024 from the general students’ committee. Please note that the deadline varies based on whether you have been matriculated already, or whether you are a first semester student.

The deadline for people who are already matriculated is on Friday, January 26 th 2024, 12 o’clock midday. Deadline conformity will be determined by when the application with all the needed documents arrived at (via the submission portal). Deadlines for first semester students are listed in the chart below.

Within the following weeks, the applicants need will be reviewed. If the application is accepted, the part of the semester fee, will be transferred to the student’s office for you. No matter if your application has been accepted or denied, you will be notified via e-mail about its status.

Please note that only after you have received our e-mail, you should transfer the amount of money that is said to the student office. Should you transfer partial amounts of the fee before, the matriculation or renewal of matriculation may be strongly delayed, and you might, for example, receive the semester ticket later.

If you do not receive an e-mail from us after the 11 th of February 2024, then please immediately contact us (the AStA) via e-mail or phone. Please do not contact us before!

Please remember that the 110-€ for the Studierendenwerk can under no circumstances be payed for by us!

The outstanding balance (110,-€ if the application is accepted and the complete balance if it’s denied respectively) has to be payed to the student office until the deadline of the 23 th of February 2024. On average you will have two weeks remaining to do so.

Please note that the hardship compensation is designed to help students in need!

For anyone who wants to know the details on how the financial need is determined, you can find the latest guidelines for the hardship compensation here. (only in german)

For anyone who cannot hand in the application online, you will need to send an e-mail with your
reasoning to, so an alternative can be arranged.


Renewal of
First semester studentsChange of tertiary institution
Application filing
Receiving the demand to payReceiving the demand to pay
Application filing
26 th of January 2024
12:00 o’clock
3 rd March 2024
12:00 o’clock midday
Or seven calendar days
after receiving the
demand to pay
respectively. Judged by
the period favorable to
the student
Seven calendar days
after receiving the
demand to pay
E-Mail from AStA
telling you how much
you need to pay:
11 th February 202417 th March 2024
or as quickly as possible
as quickly as possible
Demand to pay
by TU Do
23 th February 2024refer to student’s officerefer to student’s office

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Accepted data formats: pdf, png, jpg, jpeg

Each file can have a maximum size of 5 MB. For larger files you can simply use a cloud service e.g. upload to and add the link to your text. A maximum of 10 files are allowed!

You can find the application form at the end of the How-To-Hardship-Balance text!

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