Technology rental

The technology rental is for students of the TU

  • who need a short-term replacement while they acquire new hardware
  • who need to save money over a longer period of time to be able to buy a new PC
  • who only need a headset or webcam for a short time and do not want to purchase it directly for this purpose.

The rental is intended for students in need and we currently have only a few devices available. So if you have enough resources (e.g. money) to make the purchase yourself, we ask you not to use our lending service! Then we can help more students who need the loan to continue their studies.

To achieve this goal we have two lending formats:

regular loan hardhsip case loan
durationmax. 2 monthsmax. 6 months
Which one should I chose?Your laptop/headset/webcam is broken and…
… you need a replacement urgently.
… you need 1-2 months to save for a replacement.
… you need some time to find a good offer.
You need a headset/webcam for a few meetings and don’t want to buy your own.
Your laptop/headset/webcam is broken and…
… you need a replacement urgently.
… you need more than 2 months time to save for a replacement.
You don’t have a laptop/headset/webcam and urgently need one for university.
What we need from you:– Online application with uploaded certificate of study (name, matriculation number, course of study & semester)

– desired borrowing start and end date

– written justification

-> upload online application and certificate of study

– certificate of study (name, matriculation number, course of study & semester)

– desired loan start and loan end date

– written justification: Why is your case a

– Accepted hardship request OR

-3 months of bank statements

-Proof of your housing costs, health insurance, and children, if applicable.

– Verification of acceptance according to current hardship guidelines. More details can be found here.

-> upload online application, certificate of study and other documents

In special and justified cases, the loan can be extended by half of the loan period (i.e. by 1 or 3 months). Please contact us for this purpose. Unfortunately, we can only allow the extension if we have enough equipment available and no students are on the waiting list.

Lending procedure

The loan works like this:

  1. Application and verification
    You submit an application online (see Application form under the point Documents). This will be checked by the social team and either accepted or rejected. You will receive a response within a maximum of 2 weeks.
  2. Conclusion of contract
    If your application is accepted, the loan will be carried out in the AStA. You will have to sign a loan contract (see Documents below) and a receipt. For this purpose, bring your current certificate of study with a valid identification document to the personal check. After signing the contract you will receive the device(s).
  3. Return of the device(s)
    With the return and confirmation of the return, the contractual relationship and thus the loan ends. For this we will meet again at the AStA. If you have any questions, please use the contact form under the point Problems and Questions.

The Contract

In order to carry out the loan, some things must be regulated to give you the security, for how long and what conditions you get the equipment. For this reason, a contract is concluded between us. In doing so, both parties enter into obligations that are briefly summarized below.
The summary does not replace a careful reading of the contract!

Obligations of the AStA:

  • free provision of a functioning loan object
  • Loan for the fixed period of time

Your obligations

  • punctual return of the device in the borrowed condition
  • assumption of liability during the loan period
  • assumption of costs in case of loss or damage
  • no transfer to third parties
  • no borrowing costs
  • let us know immediately if something does not work!
  • For any questions and problems use the contact form under the point problems and questions.

How-to use

The laptop comes with Windows 10 pre-installed. You are welcome to install other operating systems if you want. Any other programs you need you have to install and pay for yourself. In many cases, the university and the faculties have cooperation agreements for programs that you need in your studies. You can find the offers from the university here:
Among them is Office365 for 5 devices with a total price of 4,99€ per year or Citavi, which is free.
Alternatively, there are freeware options for most commercial products, for example the office program Libreoffice:

When the device is returned at the end of the loan period, we will delete all data from the device and reset the PC to factory default before loaning it again.

Do not unscrew the device during the period of use.
If it seems necessary, be sure to contact us beforehand!

The headset is plug and play as of Windows 10. This means the driver should already be pre-installed. For older Windows versions and for other operating systems, do your own research first and if you have problems, you can ask us.

The webcam also only needs to be plugged in and should be recognized and usable directly from Windows 10. In case of problems or other operating systems, do your own research first and ask us if you have any problems.


Application form

    regular rentalhardship rental


    If you want to upload larger files please use cloud services like and paste the link into the text.

    I hereby confirm the accuracy of the given information and apply for the device(s). (Mandatory field)


    Problems and Questions

    If the rented hardware gets broken or damaged while with you, please contact us immediately!

    If you experience technical troubles, need to use the hardware longer than originally intended or have any other questions, never hestitate to contact us. Use the contact form here on the website or E-Mail us directly at

    We will try to work through any incoming concerns as quickly as possible. Sometimes it can take a few days, please be aware of this.

      If you want to upload larger files please use cloud services like and paste the link into the text.


      In case of absolute emergencies, you can reach us via telephone under: +49 (0)231 / 755 – 258
      Our secretary will get in contact with you.