Deutschland-Ticket for students from summer semester 2024

Dear fellow students,

We would like to inform you about changes to the student ticket (for public transportation) from the coming summer semester 2024.

We, the General Student Committee (AStA), together with the student parliament, have decided to use the new Deutschland-Student-Ticket offer for the TU Dortmund University student body.

This means that there will continue to be a solidarity-financed and, above all, affordable student ticket for all students at TU Dortmund University!

Last week’s signing of the contract was preceded by long negotiations with the Rhine-Ruhr Public Transport Association (VRR) and many discussions with politicians and other General Student Committees. To build up pressure, we canceled the existing student ticket contracts for the 2024/25 winter semester in September. With the agreement that has now been reached, the expiry of the semester ticket is fortunately off the table.

We are particularly pleased that the semester ticket will be cheaper from the coming semester: The price will fall from the current €220.02 to €176.40 per semester, meaning that the semester contribution will also fall significantly (to €298.58 in the summer semester of 2024, including a €110 social contribution to the Studierendenwerk). In principle, the price of the Deutschland-Student-Ticket will be 60 percent of the regular Deutschland Ticket.

The introduction of the Deutschland-Student-Ticket from April also means that new regulations will apply: On the one hand, you will be able to use public transport throughout Germany with the new student ticket. On the other hand, the regulations for taking bicycles and other people with you will unfortunately no longer apply. We would have liked these regulations to continue. However, the tariff regulations of the Deutschland-Ticket, which also apply to the new student ticket, unfortunately do not provide for this.

Students who are entitled to free travel, e.g. due to a disability, will still be able to claim a refund for the semester ticket.

By the way: Even if you spend a semester abroad or complete an internship outside the student ticket’s area of validity or exmatriculate during the semester, you can have the costs for the student ticket reimbursed on a pro rata basis for this period. Applications for the winter semester 2023/24 must be received by 15 March. Due to the changeover to the Deutschland-Student-Ticket, refund applications for stays abroad must be received by us within the first four weeks of the semester from summer semester 2024. Further information and the application form can be found on our homepage:

Best regards
Your AStA


Hardship application for semester ticket for summer semester 2024

Hardship applications for the student body’s social contribution for summer semester 2024 can now be submitted.

Students who are in financial need can have the student social contribution waived. This also includes the semester ticket. The application must be submitted online. All documents must be attached as a PDF if possible. The deadline is 26th January 2024 at 12:00 o’clock at noon.

Further information, the application, the guidelines and the upload area can be found here.

Consultation during the Christmas vacations 2023

There will be NO consultations during the first vacation week (25th – 29th December 2023).

In the second vacation week (2nd – 5th January 2024) the following consultations will take place (but only ONLINE):

  • Aid fund
  • Social counseling

All other consultations will start again from 8 th January 2024

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