Code of Conduct

The environment we want to live and present at the AStA is one of inclusion where everyone should feel welcome and safe. Which is why we strive for friendly and respectful togetherness.

Inacceptable Behaviour

Utterly inacceptable behaviour includes: sexism, racism and discrimination, harassment or any form of offensive, abusive, derogatory or demeaning conduct or speech. None of the above will be tolerated.

Respect and deference for people and the environment are the base pillars of the work of the AStA.

This includes everything from online communication and during our events, to doing committee work or in personal correspondence in the AStA. It takes effect for all people in the AStA environment, therefore also partners, sponsors, tutors and the staff and heads of the AStA itself.

Requests to cease this type of behaviour are to be taken seriously and done so with immediacy.

Repeated offenses or serious cases of the aforementioned can lead to being banned from events or other communication. A complete ban in case of very serious offenses can end in the complete exclusion from all AStA activities or work.

Contact Personal

If you are affected, do not hesitate to contact the AStA under

If you have a complaint against a member of the current AStA, you can send this directly to the current chair of the AStA under or to any other preferred department.

If needed, the University security personell can be reached under the following telephone number: 0231 – 755 3333

If you observe inacceptable behaviour towards others, come to the affected person’s aid as best as you can.