Become involved!

Students of TU Dortmund University are free to get involved in a large number of campus political committees or the student parlament itself. Do you want to actively change the campus for the better? Get involved! Do you want more information? Never hesitate to send us an Email or to stop by our offices. We’re happy to answer all your questions or point you to those that are the experts.

The Student Parliament is the highest quorum Committee of the student body:


Student Association Conference (FsRK) of the AStA: The student body is divided into committees via their courses of study. These groups are called student associations. You are automatically part of the student association of your course of study. If you study more than one course (f.e. if you’re a teaching student), you chose one student association back when you first enrolled.


Autonomous Committees are concerned with a particular group of students and make sure their concerns are taken into account at TU Dortmund University.

Autonomous Committees

Student task forces are open to all students, were installed through the student parliament and work on a wide variety of issues, project or areas of interest.

Task Forces

Student Working Groups are formed by dedicated and enthusiastic students who meet and organize events for a veriaty of topics.

Student Working Groups

University Policy – How can I take part?

University Policy