Advertising Pillars and Posters

The management of the advertising pillars on campus have been transferred to the AStA by the TU Dortmund. Therefore, billposting is only permitted after approval by the AStA. Requests from organizations and especially companies without any connection to the student body will generally not be approved. Unapproved posters will be removed again for a fee!

The booking of the advertising pillars is also possible via the booking system:

If you have any questions, please contact:

Advertising on the advertising pillars

  1. All student groups, autonomous units and student bodies can book the advertising pillars themselves in the booking system.
  2. Bookings of the advertising pillars should not be longer than one week, so that everyone has the opportunity to use the advertising pillars. If you notice shortly before the event that the week before or after the previously booked time is still free, you are always welcome to contact the cultural department of the AStA again personally.
  3. Please check the booking system to see who has just booked a slot on the booking system and do not tape over them.
  4. The advertising pillars and their slots as they are in the booking system are meant to have three slots on the advertising pillars. This does not mean that there is slot 1 at the top, slot 2 in the middle and slot 3 at the bottom, but that you simply book a free slot on the advertising pillars. Therefore, please take into consideration when other events are hanging, which have not yet run and are also reserved in the booking system, not to paste over them.
  5. Be considerate of each other and be fair.

Advertising in the Studierendenwerk: Information for the Student Body

  1. Since flyers cause technical problems with the dishwasher, we now no longer allow flyers to be placed on the tables in the main cafeteria. For this purpose, flyer racks are now available behind the cash registers in the main cafeteria. In order to use these and place flyers there, permission must be obtained from University Catering. Please direct your request to The respective flyer has to be attached to the e-mail. We ask you to remove the displayed flyers directly after the event or after one week.
  2. There is also the possibility to display advertisements related to the study or the daily study routine on the monitors free of charge. Please send your advertisement to kultur@asta.tu-dortmund. The team will then briefly check your ad to see if you are also from an AG, a student council or an autonomous unit and then forward the ad. Ads that are received by the Studierendenwerk by Wednesday can be published the following week. The technical data for this are:
    Size: Full-HD, 1920×1080 Pixel
    File format: jpg, png or gif
    Color: RGB mode
  3. Furthermore, the promotion stands are available free of charge for the above mentioned purposes. The promotion stands can be booked from Monday to Thursday from 7:30 – 17:15 and on Friday from 7:30 -16:15. Reservations should be made at least 4 weeks in advance and should not exceed three consecutive days. Requests to reserve promotional booths should be sent to For this purpose, please let us know the specific content and, if necessary, send us a viewing copy of the promotional materials.

Advertising in the AStA Office

We have a monitor for advertisement in the entrance of the AStA office. You can show your advert there. You can run your ad there. We do not hang up paper posters anymore. The format is 4K MP4 with measurement 5461*3072 pixel. Ads that do not contain moving images can also be send as a PDF or PNG. Please send ads for the AStA monitor to