We have all noticed that the semester fee for the coming semester has increased significantly.

We as AStA are also not happy with this development. However, we unfortunately have no influence on many items. However, in order to explain to you where your money goes, we will try to transparently explain where the 341,95 € are distributed.

SEMESTERTICKET – 220,02 € (6,96€ more than last semester)
The VRR, our contract partner for the semester ticket, is allowed to raise the fee within a reasonable range based on the contract. This is what they have been doing since the introduction of the ticket, specifically this time by 6,96€.
How it will develop in the coming semesters thanks to the general changes in local transport (keyword 49€ ticket), we can not say yet. Whether something will change in the price or the area of validity is not certain at this point. We want to negotiate the best possible deal for us with the other AStA in NRW when the time comes.

STUDIERENDENWERK – 110 € (17,00€ more than last semester)
The Studierendenwerk is largely financed from three sources: Grants from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, its own funds from income from the mensa, dormitories, etc., and the social contribution that we as students pay through the semester fee. In the past, the social contribution accounted for approximately 20% of the Studiwerk budget. Another 20% came from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, 60% from various revenues. The current situation is that the state of NRW has NOT changed the amount of subsidies for almost 25 years, so the amount is out of date. At the same time, after Corona, the energy crisis and the reduction of offers, the Studierendenwerk does not manage to generate the 60% own funds anymore. Therefore, the Board of Directors of the Studiwerk has decided that we as students will pay higher contributions to compensate. Between winter and summer semester 2022/23 we have an increase of 17€! We as AStA think that instead of increasing the financial pressure on the students, the state of NRW should be taken to task to finance the Studierendenwerke in line with the times! Because we as students have the fewest funds available and can do the least for the precarious situation!

STUDENT SELF ADMINISTRATION – 6,50€ (0,50€ more than last semester)
The student self-administration – that’s us! This part of the semester fee goes into the financing of the StuPa, the AStA, the autonomous units and student working groups. In the AStA, this contribution finances the salaries of the AStA staff, our cultural activities (e.g. parties, sustainability weeks, lectures, etc.), and the counseling services that are available to you free of charge or at very low cost (legal counseling, social counseling, tenant counseling, etc.).
Due to increases in staff salaries and general price increases, our fee has been increased by 50 cents for the next semester. Thus, the fee is still cheaper than a few years ago and significantly cheaper than at other universities in the area. Nevertheless, it is also important for us to make sure that there will be no further increases in the fees in the near future.
By the way: This is also an area in which YOU can become active! Get involved in the StuPa to help decide what we spend this money on and how it is best invested for the entire student body!

The respective student councils also have funds that they can fall back on in order to financially support the offers for their students. You can get actively involved here, too, if you like!

You know this for sure, don’t you? Because as a student of the TU Dortmund you can use the services of the Theater Dortmund for free! Or maybe you’d rather go to the opera? Everything is possible! And how do you get your tickets? Take a look at our website, under Services -> External you will find all the information!

Want to buy a bike? But you don’t have to! Because as a student of the TU you can use the bikes of MetropolRadRuhr (also Nextbike) all over NRW for free! Again, you can find all the information on our website under Services -> External.

HOCHSCHULSPORT – 0,75€ (0,24€ more than last semester)
The offers of the Hochschulsport are also co-financed to a small extent by the student body. Since the previous contribution (0,51€ or one DM) has not been adjusted over twenty years, the student sports, together with the AStA and the StuPa, has made a small adjustment of 24ct. To ensure that the basic financing of the offer can continue to be guaranteed in times of inflation, we find the increase justifiable.
Have you already had a look at the offer?

Our campus radio station, where YOU can get involved and get a taste of journalism, pays its expenses with our help. In return, you can listen to interesting contributions with a campus or student connection. Tune in, online or at 93.0 FM.

Did you know that as a student you can use the city and state library for free? You pay 15 cents every semester and support the preservation of public libraries.

This is the breakdown of the semester fee. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email us at, or get in touch via social media!