HOLIDAY: Bicycle Repair Shop in August 2022

special opening hours of the bicycle workshop in AUGUST 2022:

In the first three weeks of August, the bicycle repair shop is only open on Thursdays, only August the 4 th / 11 th and 18 th.
The last two weeks of August only on Wednesdays and Thursdays, only August the 24 th / 25 th and 31 th


Here we go again, fresher’s week is rearing its hungover head again. And while our culture team is already planning some things, we would like to know what do YOU want to see? Especially as an international student – what do you want or need from us, be it information, parties or workshops on how to not get lost in bloody Germany. But also ideas that have nothing to do with you being an international – just let us know what kind of stuff you want to get up to during fresher’s week!

We can’t promise anything, but we would love to know about your ideas! Just hit us up in the comments or write us an mail to


During the semester break, the counseling services are rechable the same as during the semester. Either via telephone or face-to-face at the EF 61 building. 

Short-term changes under 

Counseling Hours

  • Monday
    1PM-1:30PM, telephone
  • Tuesday
    10AM-11:30AM, face to face
  • Wednesday
    3PM-3:30PM, telephone
  • Thursday
    8:30AM-9AM, telephone
  • Friday
    8:30AM-9AM, telephone

Also they can be reached via Email daily. Additionally the new coaching sessions start during semester break.

  • Exam Anxiety Coaching
  • Anti-Procrastination Coaching
  • Stress Management Coaching

For information please email

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