The future of the semester ticket

The future of the semester ticket

Hello dear students,

Since the Deutschlandsticket was announced, i.e. since November 2022, we have been working flat out on a legally secure solution to ensure affordable student mobility. Because: With the introduction of the Germany ticket, the solidarity model on which the semester ticket is based is in danger. In concrete terms, this means that the semester ticket as it currently exists is legally vulnerable. The Germany ticket, which is available for a monthly price of 49 euros and with which public transport can be used throughout Germany, is a ticket offer that clearly competes with the semester ticket, with which you can travel for only 12.33 euros less Month can only use public transport in NRW.

An alternative solution should therefore have been created, e.g. a semester ticket, which is significantly cheaper than the 49-euro ticket and with which public transport can also be used throughout Germany.

In alliance with other ASten of the VRR area as well as the Landes-ASten-Meeting, there were several negotiations with the VRR. In addition, we have commissioned a legal opinion to clarify the legal consequences. It is important to us to avert financial damage from possible lawsuits against the solidarity model by the student body.

Unfortunately, we were not able to agree on a contract adjustment with the VRR. On July 31, 2023, the student parliament unanimously voted to cancel the semester ticket. This means that students can still use the ticket for two more semesters and from the winter semester 2024/25 there will no longer be a semester ticket.

Don’t worry: we definitely don’t want that.

The termination will also serve as a means of pressure so that the VRR, the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and the federal government finally act. Our goal is and remains affordable bus and train travel for all students!

We are not alone in this decision. Many other universities at state and federal level have also decided to terminate the contract. Of course, you can find out how VRR and politics react to the layoffs here.

If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time.

Best regards
Your AStA