Press release: Help for students with energy cost (after)payment

In certain cases, students can receive a subsidy for energy cost payments from the job center.

Students who

1. receive a BAföG benefit and live in the parents’ household or

2. live in the parental household and only receive no BAföG benefits because the Office for Educational Support has determined that they or their parents have too much income or assets, are entitled to unemployment benefit II if they are in need of help.

This need for help can also arise, for example, from back payments for heating costs or increased heating cost deductions (Section 7, paragraph 6 of the Second Book of the Code of Social Law).

Students who

3. no longer live with their parents, or are not entitled to BAföG for reasons other than income/assets can receive a loan to cover the needs for accommodation and heating if there is particular hardship (§ 27 SGB II).

The job centers often decide on a case-by-case basis whether there is a need for help or particular hardship. Here you can find the contact details of the Jobcenter Dortmund:

First semester bag – design competition: Our top 3!

Some time ago we hosted a competition where we asked you to send in your design ideas for this year’s first-semester-bag – and here is our top 3!!

This years first-semester-bag design is by the amazing Magda (@art_magdalena_kizior on instagram) – she won our design competition and we are totally in love with the design she came up with 😍 

Below we have our 2nd place, a design by Polina (@cwreality on instagram):

And here’s our 3rd place by Alicia:

Freshers week 2022: Campus rally

Wanna get to know campus a bit better? Then become a part of our campus rally from Tuesday (4th october 2022 – 10 am) to Thursday (8th october 2022 – 4 pm).

Just either come alone or with a group (up to 7 people) to our freshers-help-station, come up with a group name, get your rally materials and get started! You then have time to complete the rally (however fast or slow you want). We track your time & the three fastest groups win some cool prizes! 

Important note: There a little barriers at the rally. If you still want to compete but aren’t able to due to possible barriers, you can compete in the digital version of the rally (more info in the next post). 🙂

Freshers-Week 2022: AStA awareness phone

TUESDAY (10 am) to SATURDAY (6 am)

Are you lost on campus and don’t know where to go? Did you lose your peers while wandering through Dortmund? Do you feel scared while walking through the city at night? Or do you simply need help and/or somebody to talk to? 

During freshers‘ week (4th october until 8th october 2022), you can call us 24/7 and we will help you! 

+49 178 114 34 83

You can also text us or send a message on social media.

Improve your academic skills

With „“, a writing lab at the Center for Higher Education, you are able to improve your academic writing and communication skills – in German and in English! There, they offer peer consultations as well as writing groups that meet every Friday from 10 am to 2:30 pm in the library plus a bunch of other activities and meetings that give you a chance to improve your academic skills – for free! You can find more information here: @zhbfs_tudo (on instagram) and at 

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