Partial Refund of your Semester-Ticket due to the 9€ Ticket

For most of the students at TU Dortmund University, the refunding of the difference in ticket price will happen via a reduced semester fee in the upcoming winter semester. The Reduction is in sum 79,53€, therefore you are paying 133.53€ instead of  213.06€ for The Student Body. Totalized it will be 237.72€ instead of 317.25€. In short, if you remain here at the university, you won’t need to do anything.

This Reduction is not applicable

  • for new Students of the Semester 2022/2023
  • students, who received an AStA hardship application
  • Students in the holidaysemester or
  • People who received a Ticketrefund over the whole time of the 9€ticket (june until august)

Students who can receive a partial refund of the 9€ Ticket are

  • Students who exmatriculate before paying next semesters semesterfee
  • Students who received a partial Ticketrefund between June to August. (We will contact you via Mail)

Students who exmatrikulated can apply for a refund with the Form below.

You have until the 31. Of March 2023 to apply for reimbursement! After that date, we are sadly no longer allowed to reimburse your partial 9€-Ticket-Refund!

First things first: Your semester ticket IS your 9 Euro ticket. You DO NOT need to buy one, you already got one! While driving in the VRR-region, the usual rules about taking your bike or a friend along apply as they always have, you can also still head up to the Netherlands. More information can be found here for the VRR-Region: and here for the NRW-Ticket part of your Semesterticket: Outside of the VRR or NRW, your Semesterticket will act simply as a 9-Euro-Ticket and nothing more. You will not be allowed to take someone with you (or your bike) and you won’t be able to use the ICE, EC or IC trains (Fernverkehr). If you are unsure about anything, do not hesitate to head to the service desks of the Deutsche Bahn you can find in every main station.
This Reduction was not applicable
  • for new Students of the Semester 2022/2023
  • students, who received an AStA hardship application
  • Students in the holidaysemester or
  • or People who received a Ticketrefund over the whole time of of the 9€ticket (june until august)
These Groups have already received a refund or never payed the semesterfee in the first place and are therefore not eligible for the refund.
You have to apply for a refund, if exmatriculate before the wintersemester 2022/2023 or you have received a partial Ticketrefund for the months between June and August. For the Refund we need your Name, Surname, Matrikelnumber and in some case a Proof of eligibility. (see form below)




    Ticket Refund

    If you have no use for your Semesterticket because of …

    • A semester abroad
    • an internship in a city outside of NRW
    • You are severely disabled and can use public transport free of charge anyway
    • You already have another type of VRR ticket due to another reason
    • you’ve exmatriculated
    • You’re taking a vacation semester

    you can get the cost for the ticket refunded, fully or partially, depending on how long you can proof having no use for the ticket.

    Come by the AStA Offices during our opening hours (Mo-Fr, 10AM-2PM), use the contact form below or send us your documents via Email or the post.

    We need the following documents:

    1. Application for Ticket Refund (german or english) PLEASE also sign if you apply digitally!
    2. PDFs of the Tickets for the Semesters you’re applying for refund for
    3. Proof for reason why you have no use for the ticket (Only the above reasons or closely similar once apply!)

    As proof we accept among other things: documents from TU University about vacation semesters, studies abroad or internships, documents from your guest university or DAAD proof of staying abroad, letters proving your internship or proving you’ve spend time outside of NRW for your thesis, disability ID, exmatriculation documents or immatriculation after the official semester start due to being waitlisted.

    If you exmatriculate from TU Dortmund University to start studies at another University in NRW with a semester ticket, we must have the immatriculation document from your follow up University to refund you the full ticket. Without it, you will only get a partial refund.

    Deadlines for Semesterticket refunds are:

    • 15th of September for the Summer Semester
    • 15th of March for the Winter Semester

    If you cannot afford the Semesterticket in its entirety, we also offer the so called “Härtefallausgleich” (Case of Hardship Balance). More Information can be found here.

    Contact Form

    Under normal circumstances it takes rougly a week for the refunds to be worked on, though it can take longer if there is an exceptionally large amount of applications.

    The following file formats will be accepted: pdf, doc, docx, odt, png, jpg, jpeg, gif, tif, tiff.

    If a file is larger than 5 MB, please upload them to a cloud service such as and insert the link into your text.

      Pre-Course Ticket (“Vorkursticket”)

      The pre-course ticket for first-year students

      If you are a new student at the TU and attend a pre-course before the start of the semester (October 1. and April 1.), you can purchase a VRR-wide pre-course ticket (“Vorkursticket”). The ticket costs (as of August 2022) 62,15€ for one month.


      The ticket is only valid in the VRR area, i.e. not in the AVV (around Aachen), VRS (around Cologne) and WestfalenTarif (Münsterland, OWL, Sauerland, …). You can find more information about the VRR-Vorkursticket here: (Only in German)

      If you don’t live in the VRR, you can find out from your public transport authority whether it is possible for you to purchase an AzubiTicket or similar as a pre-course visitor. This varies from transport association to transport association. If you need proof of this, you can have it stamped in our office.

      The VRR area (as of August 2022)

      How to get your pre-course ticket

      You will receive the authorization to purchase the pre-course-ticket (“Vorkursticket”) from us upon presentation of proof of eligibility. You can either come to our office (Emil-Figge-Str. 50) during opening hours or you can send us an email with your address and proof of eligibility to

      With the authorization slip (stamped and signed by us) you can buy the ticket at the public transport companies in the VRR, in Dortmund for example at both customer centers of the Dortmunder Stadtwerke AG (DSW21).

      Semester Ticket/ FAQ


      Das SemesterTicket NRW/VRR ist die Kombination einer ausgedruckten Fahrtberechtigung (Ticket) & einem amtlichen Lichtbildausweis (Personalausweis oder Führerschein) mit dem alle Studierdende der Technischen Universität Dortmund ein Semester lang kreuz und quer nicht nur durch den Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr (VRR) sondern in ganz Nordrhein-Westfalen in allen Bussen, U-Bahnen, Strassenbahnen, H-Bahnen, S-Bahnen, RBs (Regionalbahnen) und REs (Regionalexpresse) in der 2. Klasse frei fahren können.

      Als Fahrtberechtigung im VRR wie auch in NRW ist offiziell nur das SemesterTicket NRW/VRR in Verbindung mit einem Lichtbildausweis anerkannt.

      Seit dem Wintersemester 2008/09 wird der Studierendenausweis nicht mehr als Fahrtberechtigung anerkannt. Bitte nutzt das ausgedruckte SemesterTicket NRW/VRR in Verbindung mit einem Lichtbildausweis.

      Das Ticket ist für innerhalb des aufgedruckten Gültigkeitszeitraums gültig, während der Semesterferien könnt ihr also noch nicht mit dem Ticket für das Folgesemester fahren.

      Hüllen für das Semesterticket erhaltet ihr im AStA.

      Bei Fragen oder Problemen zum Ticket kannst du uns hier kontaktieren.