Extremist groups, biased media and the general spreading of fear due to mounting terrorist attacks all over the world, have deeply impaled aversions against the culture and religion of Islam and its countries. But there is no need for it, the islamic religion is rich, vibrant and warm, it welcomes discussion and connection, it is worthy being known and being embraced and all of us in the western world that aren’t familiar with it can only grow and enrich our own lives by learning more about it. 

That is why this talk is important!

Some of its contents will be: 

  • What is Islamophobia?
  • How it is affecting the community?
  • What are reasons which cause Islamophobia?
  • Definition of some words like „Jihad“ and „Blasphemy“ or similar terms
  • Islamic basics Ideologies
  • Counter of Racisms in Islam
  • Social System of Islam
  • Islam religion of Peace, Harmony, and Brotherhood