Every earning you receive and every credit entry you receive will be seen as your income. This includes things such as your salary, money received from your parents and other relatives or friends, one-time jobs, bet winnings, loans, scholarships, your own child allowance, BAföG, unemployment benefits…everything!

If you think something should not be counted towards the total, because you might have for example bought a TV, or pay wifi bills for a family member and the money you received was never yours to spend in the first place, then please hand in receipts to prove your point and the transaction, as well as a written statement what it was for. We have to decide by the data we receive, so if in doubt, everything will count towards the total income.

Money which is to be paid as your child’s allowance (for example unemployment benefits for your child, their child allowance money, aliments) will not be counted in. For these it is also important to hand in receipts and evidence.

Filling in the average monthly income section

Add up your income/earnings of the last 3 months and divide the total by 3. (You can also choose to add the your income/earning of the last 6 months and likewise divide it by 6, but for us to do the same we need the evidence and bank notices for those 6 months then.)

Filling in the average usage of savings/assets section

If you have any saving because you have been saving up, or because you only get money from home once a year or things like that, then please calculate how much of those savings/assets you use each month.


Filling in the all assets section

All of your financial assets count for this section. This includes building loan contracts. Shares portfolios, any real estate assets, money in your bank account (for all your accounts), cash money, gold etc.


if you live with your parents or other family members

If you pay for your housing out of your income/earnings, then you can put in the amount below.

For this we need a written statement from the person who manages the household.

I pay ___€ monthly for rent, gas, and electricity

The concrete costs that arise from living in your room/apartment. These costs need to be evidenced by contracts or receipts or transactions on your bank account. Counting will be gas, electricity, and rent, exactly as you pay them. We do not count GEZ or wifi costs into this, as they have been accounted for in the lump sum.

Health insurance

If you are not paying for your health insurance but instead are insured by your family, your job or others, then you have to tick the ‘no further costs’ box.

In any other case you put in the amount you have to pay to the insurance company. We have to be able to see that amount on your bank statements or we need receipts.

Filling the children due for allowance section

You can hand in evidence in the form of birth certificates for this section.

For grown up children or not biologically related children for whom you still have to pay allowance you can hand in the correlating certificates.

Listing all bank accounts (Credit Cards, checking accounts, savings accounts, Amazon…)

Literally all of your accounts that hold money and hand in documents corresponding to all of them.

Handing in the application

The application has to be handed in in accordance with the deadline and with all the necessary documents- this is to be done through the submission portal (in cases without any other option, then you can send it via mail to )

Please mind the size of your data.

The most suitable data format is PDF.(JPG also works. We often can’t work with other data formats and then have to ask for the data again.)

Please print out the application, fill it in and scan/ take a photo of it. (Digitally filled in applications often do not work.

In cases where there is a good reason not to hand it in online you can contact us via

If you have any more questions you can reach us via phone during our office hours (10am to 1pm 0231 755 2584) and via email

Link to the application form: