Sign Up for a Murder Mystery Dinner

Cornwell 1953. Castle Darkmore is the perfect location to shoot a horror film. Within its crumbling walls, there’s plenty of rusty armour, creaking doors – and, above all, a genuine ghost. One stormy winter’s night in 1953, a film crew staying at the ancient castle to shoot a movie come upon a terrible sight: Oscar Wilder, the despotic film director and notorious ladies’ man, has been brutally stabbed to death. In his room are clear signs that just before his death, he had a female visitor – and it wasn’t his wife.

Who murdered Oscar Wilder? Was it the phantom Lady? Or was it a flesh-and-blood killer?*


On the 29th of January we’ll be hosting the next murder mystery dinner – international edition! Going back to the roots of murder mystery dinners, we’ll be hosting it entirely in English. 

Please sign up via Email at by stating the names of your group members. Groups can be sized 6-8 people. 

If you don’t have a group, you can sign up by yourself and we will put you into a group. 

Sign-Ups are possible until the 28th of January. 

*Please be aware: we played this game once already, but in German as „Der Fluch der Grünen Dame“.